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Performance is key to web usability

November 27, 2007

You can put up with poorly grouped information and bad design (to a certain extent) but make sure your customers can actually get into your site. Poor performance not only prevents customers from accessing your site, but also seriously damages credibility.

It has been my mission for the past week to try and access, not because I want to shop (I may have wanted to in the beginning or at least browse) but because I tried to access it the other day and don’t think I’ve ever visited a website that has taken so long to get into. The site is flash based and takes an age to load.

Ok, I’ll give it a chance; maybe it’s just high traffic visiting the site or my broadband connection is a bit slow (even though I can still watch videos on you tube). So I’ll try later. Later came and I still couldn’t access it. Just get a flash loading bar that doesn’t move.


 I eventually get past the loading bar to get the following:


  Very helpful 😉