One big critical mistake…

I’m really in rant mode at the moment. I have just tried to buy a ticket from and I suggest that you don’t try. I entered my details and it crashed, which immediately sent my blood pressure through the roof! Have they taken my payment or not? When the site came back it gave me the following message:

“There were ERRORS

You have recently made a purchase with similar details, order reference xxxxxx. If you wish to request confirmation of this orders details, please use the contact us form.

If you would like to continue with the current order, please click buy”.

The same order number that I used a few weeks ago! So, what is going on?

No, I don’t want to use their contact form for them to respond in 10 days, I want to know now, if I have made a booking or not and if they have taken my money.

Rant over, anxious feeling not. A lesson to be learnt by companies building transactional websites is don’t compromise on usability or performance when dealing with people’s money and personal details, it is extremely damaging to trust and credibility.

And no I won’t use them again.


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