Google mini error

I’m currently working on a project to improve search engine results of a website and we decided to go with Google mini as the technology that makes it all work. Google as a brand have a great reputation, however I’m disappointed with the product. We have encountered numerous issues with it and currently are unable to use it due to an error that keeps closing the connection. Not only that, Google’s help documentation is not particularly helpful and their support centre is slow to respond.

I would be hard pressed to recommend Google mini as solution in the future.

It would be good to hear if anyone has experienced any difficulties with the product and found a solution the following error message:

‘The underlying connection was closed: Unable to connect to the remote server’


One Response to “Google mini error”

  1. Ceej McQueen Says:

    You are not alone. We use Google mini to provide the search facility on several websites. It is implemented by means of a proxy – i.e. the GM box itself is not publicly facing. Instead, we send the query via our websites requesting the results in xml with no dtd. This enables tight integration. Anyway, we have experienced a problem when trying to query it for results – we received the same error message: ‘The underlying connection was closed: Unable to connect to the remote server’. The only method of bringing it back was to pull the plug out! When it came back the index had been emptied and we still got the same error message. Upon forcing a recrawl of all our sources Google mini came fully back to life. However, currently I am none the wiser as to what happened….

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