It’s never going to be just one thing…

A good search facility is essential to good usability. I am currently working on a project to improve the search facility of an intranet and we decided to buy Google mini as the technology that sits behind the scenes. Great – it’s a powerful tool, (aside from the authentication issues that we had a headache trying to get round due to the unusable and pretty useless help documentation that is provided with the product) however, we are now presented with the problem that the search is now so good that it is finding and displaying huge amounts of out of date content that has been published without meaningful titles. For example meeting minutes from 1998 with the heading [Enter title]!

So now we have a clean up operation. Time consuming and a cumbersome task, but not too much of a big deal. What is a big deal is where we go from here with content governance in a decentralised authoring environment.


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