Usable design improves credibility

I recently attended the Content Usability 1 & 2 seminars presented by John Morkes at the Nielson Norman group’s user experience 2006 event held in London. 

John Morkes gave a number of useful examples of websites and studies that relate to usability of websites and how good usability leads to a website’s credibility. Credibility is extremely important to a website’s success, especially in the current age where users are increasingly concerned about giving out personal details over the web. This basically means, if they don’t trust a website then they are less likely to buy or visit again – they will just stick to the sites they know and trust. 

A study by Fogg et al suggests that “creating websites that are easier to use, increases its credibility” For more information about this study read the following report The point here is that you cannot underestimate the importance of ensuring that your website is easy to use. I have spoken before about companies losing out in sales or audiences because of poor usability, but it is greater than just losing sales: a company puts its reputation on the line by having a website that is difficult to use.


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