against all logic

I consider myself to fairly IT literate; I do these things as a job, I have an MSc in a computing based subject, so I’d think that poor usability wouldn’t affect me as much. If something doesn’t work as it should I can usually find a way round things to get to where I want to go or get something to work as it should.  

Of course I am affected by poor usability because it is wasting my time, but I can usually achieve my goal. However, I was filling out an electronic form the other week and when I went to submit my form, I could not find the submit button, it just was not there. I spent a short while looking at this form, thinking its got to be here somewhere, may be they have done something stupid with the validation where I’ve not entered something and so the submit button has not been activated. But no everything was entered as it should be. 

I finally discovered that the submit button was there all the time, except it wasn’t at the end of the form where logic would suggest, but at the top of the page! What is the point of that? 

My advice is just don’t do it. There is no logic ever I have come across and would ever expect to come across that would suggest you put the final stage at the starting point. 

This has now been changed due to lots of questions and feedback. The point here is that poor usability has cost the company in support costs. Having to answer and deal with all those enquiries that really didn’t need to happen if they had just positioned the submit button at the end of the form.


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